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Support for Students with Incompletes

The Learning Lab & Writing Center have an exciting—and hopefully helpful—program designed to help students who received an Incomplete grade.  This summer, we have 2 coaches who can help students complete their coursework.  We realize that with summer comes a different level of priorities and scheduling, which can often be challenging when students are also trying to finish up assignments, projects, or papers from the semester.   A Course Coach can be a great resource to help motivate them to succeed.


If you know a student who might benefit from working with a coach, either in person or virtually, we have regular hours and scheduled appointments every week.  All you need to do is email me to get started.  Here are a few ways a coach can help…


  1. Create a realistic work pace and schedule that fits with the deadline for completion.
  2. Organize work into a doable structure of smaller tasks and goals.
  3. Be someone who the student can regularly contact, offering encouragement and confidence in their progress.
  4. Help on all aspects of the work, including writing, organization, and addressing all components in the assignment.
  5. Suggest other resources and strategies to make finishing up more manageable and of a higher quality.
  6. Be a safe, consistent, and welcoming presence for discussing ideas, asking questions, and getting productive feedback.
  7. Offer a comfortable workspace in the Writing Center, Learning Lab, or online, where students can be productive and surrounded by resources.

Our coaches truly love helping students.  Helping our students make progress and move from an Incomplete to a passing grade will go a long way toward their success.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to get connected to a coach right away!


Doug Wandersee


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