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Fire Alarm Testing 7/26-7/30 and 8/2-8/6

Hello Edgewood College Community,

Below you will see the building schedule for alarm testing (subject to change).

Please be aware that alarms being set off is a part of each buildings inspection.

REMEMBER - When you hear the firm alarm, exit the building safely and immediately - no exceptions.

We have taken into consideration each building’s scheduled use to cause the least amount of disruption as possible.


Monday July 26th- Stevie Hall and Rennebohm Library

Tuesday July 27th- The Stream, Edgedome

Wednesday July 28th- The Stream, Mazzuchelli

Thursday July 29th- Siena Apartments, Weber Hall

Friday July 30th- East and West Regina Hall


Monday August 2nd- East and West Regina Hall, Dominican Hall

Tuesday August 3rd- Sonderegger Science Center, Dominican Hall

Wednesday August 4th- Sonderegger Science Center, Dominican Hall

Thursday August 5th- Predolin Hall and DeRicci Hall (no strobes or lights), Marshall Hall

Friday August 6th- Predolin Hall and DeRicci Hall


Thank you, 

Mandy Gallo

Facilities Operations


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