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Something I'm grateful for...

At this time of year, I tend to reflect and struggle with what I have lost.  I know I am not alone in those feelings.  It has been a difficult time.  And so it can be an effort for me to be grateful.  However, that is exactly how I am choosing to feel right now.  Despite loss, I am so eternally grateful for the work I get to do, and the students I get to do it with.  It is as steady as a pulse, as a heartbeat.


Students have already opened our doors 1,021 times this semester, coming into the Writing Center and Learning Lab looking for a bit of help, and hopefully finding a bit of community too.  Difficult stuff often comes in, but even more often, good stuff happens within.  


Then there are the 34 coaches and tutors who do their jobs with commitment, creativity, and compassion...reaching out to students every day.  Thank you: Abbey, Adam, Alicia, Alita, Alysse, Anabelle, Andrew, Anna, Brooke, Calvin, Casey, Claire, Elizabeth, Ella B, Ella D, Elle, Emma, Haylee, Irene, Jack, Jake, Jami, Jenna, Joleeza, Katelyn, Kaylee, Lindsey, Maggie, Maria, Olivia, Parker, Rachel, Rebecca, & Reid.  Their knowledge and kindness are the reasons students come in...and come back.


Students make our two small spaces such safe places for learning and connection.  This is something I am truly grateful for.

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