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CrowdStrike + Edgewood College Bring Advanced Cybersecurity Protection

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As you may be aware, there has been an increase in cyberattack-related incidents in the news recently. From ransomware to data breaches, malicious parties are ramping up their efforts, and breaching techniques continue to become more sophisticated.


That’s why we’re excited to announce that Edgewood College is now using CrowdStrike to secure our computers and servers. With unparalleled protection and visibility, this move ensures that we are as well protected as we can be against these threats.


Please see below for a quick FAQ regarding this transition:


What’s happening with McAfee?


McAfee will be retired and will no longer be supported.


When will this transition take place?


This transition is already underway!


Will I have to do anything for this transition?


Most devices should receive CrowdStrike automatically. However, if your Edgewood-issued computer still has McAfee installed, please contact TAC to ensure you are protected going forward.


How will I know the transition was successful (will I notice any differences)?


Yes. In order to confirm that your device’s transition was successful, you should no longer see McAfee listed in your Start Menu. Mac users will no longer see McAfee listed in Finder > Applications or Launchpad.


Going forward, Mac users will instead see Falcon listed in the same places mentioned above. Windows users will need to click Start Menu > Settings > Apps and will see CrowdStrike Windows Sensor as an installed program.


What if I had McAfee for home use?


Unfortunately, with McAfee being retired for on-campus use, that also means that McAfee for at-home use will be retired. In order to ensure the safety of your computer, we recommend that you replace McAfee with an antivirus of your choice.


Are student computers protected as well?


No, student computers will not be receiving CrowdStrike, in the same way they did not receive McAfee.


Does CrowdStrike protect Macs and general use computers as well?


Yes! CrowdStrike is compatible with all of our supported computers.




For a more in-depth FAQ, please visit our self-help portal located at and search for CrowdStrike.


Best regards,


Technology Assistance Center

Information Technology Services Office

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