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2 Tastes of Contemplation still available

Reflect upon your Christmas Tree; & Contemplative resources via a December calendar

Ÿ  Spend some time reflecting on the season and that tree in front of you.  Our own John Leonard wrote this “Invitation to Contemplation”.  Click on this link and print it, download it, or pick up a copy on the table in the Predolin lobby.  Then take a few moments to savor the season.   

Ÿ  Some outstanding meditative practices and other resources are linked to from this Contemplative Calendar for December.  Collated by the Contemplative Pedagogy Network, this calendar can be used day by day or to just sample what is available, no matter the month. 

Both of these are Tastes of Contemplation* and are available on the Contemplative Campus website. 

*Taste of Contemplation is an initiative of Edgewood College Contemplative Campus − intending to highlight and foster contemplative practices around campus.

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