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Virtual and Augmented Reality Pilot Group

Virtual and Augmented Reality is a new technology providing amazing educational experiences for our students. Edgewood College is establishing a pilot group of users to investigate the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with a stipend. We hope to have 6-8 instructors who will be meeting periodically throughout the semester to discuss what they have found. We will be listing resources in Teams, which can be accessed through this link. (You may need to log into Office365) This Team is open to all members of our campus. Feel free to visit the site regardless of your involvement in the pilot. Please contact me if you are interesting in participating in the pilot and are unable to attend our first meeting.

Thursday, November 15; 2 pm to 3 pm Virtual Reality Pilot Group in ECC Classroom (L1)

We will have two Oculus Gos to investigate.

If you are interested in participating in the pilot group but are unable to attend, please contact Diane Deci

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