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Co-meditation sessions again this termĀ 

Students are welcome to join in unguided meditations on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this semester in the St. Joseph Chapel. 

Mondays 10–10:30am        Tuesdays 9–9:30am         Wednesdays 10-10:30am        Thursdays 9-9:30am

Called co-meditations, they are silent, unguided meditations in the company of others.  Many believe the benefits of meditation are enhanced in a group setting.  A meditator “holds the space” for anyone who wants to join anytime in that 30-minute window.  No program; just come, sit, and give your mind a break. 

Inexperienced meditators are particularly welcome. 

Sessions start Monday, January 27.  No sessions during Spring Break.

Questions?  Contact Brenda at

Sponsored by Edgewood College’s Contemplative Campus − highlighting and fostering contemplative practices around campus. 

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