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Undergraduate Application

Undergraduate Application
This application is for the following:

NEW FRESHMEN - current high school students or high school graduates who have never attended college

TRANSFER STUDENTS - high school graduates who have some college credit but have not completed a bachelor's degree

POST-BACCALAUREATE STUDENTS - college graduates with a bachelor's degree who are seeking another undergraduate major/degree or a teaching certification

NON-DEGREE SEEKING STUDENTS - students who are interested in taking courses for fun or professional development

CUTTING-EDGE STUDENTS - students with intellectual developmental disabilities seeking an individualized education

RE-ENTRY STUDENTS -  If you have previously completed undergraduate coursework at Edgewood College and are returning under the same student status as when you left the College, please complete the Re-Entry Form.  If you have previously completed undergraduate coursework at Edgewood College but are interested in changing your student status to take additional undergraduate coursework, please complete a new Undergraduate Application for Admission.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - If you will be attending college in the United States on a student visa, please fill out the International Application.
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