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Ramp Closure Update!

High priority
Below are updates on Ramp closure and surface lot parking:
5/4/22 - The top two floors of the parking ramp will be blocked off starting at 3:30 PM.
5/5/22 - Commuter students and staff should use the open (lower) floors of parking ramp.  The top two floors will be closed for cleaning.  Residence students should only use the DeRicci and Regina lots.  Staff can also use the Marshall Lot.  Between 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, the entire parking ramp will be cleared.  Any vehicle left in the ramp will be towed immediately.
5/6/22 - The entire parking ramp will be closed to clean the remaining floors.  We will open it up once cleaning is completed in the late afternoon.
No college parking will be permitted in any E High School or Campus School lots.  Parking will be strictly enforced in parking lots, spots, and spaces not affiliated with the college.  We were notified, by EHS, that this was a major problem today.
Use of the shuttle service and other forms of alternative transportation are strongly encouraged until the parking ramp is completed late Friday afternoon.  Assigned spaces, spots, and lots at the Stream, Siena, etc., are to be used ONLY by the assigned student or staff.
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