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Celebrate Arbor Day!

Happy Arbor Day, everyone!

This marks the 7th year Edgewood College has been recognized for participating in the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Campus Higher Education program.  If you'd like more information about how we fulfill those five standards or would like a copy of the Tree Care Plan, please contact us here.  

Please join the Wood's Edge student group and the Landscape and Grounds Dept at 1pm today near the hoop house east of Dominican Hall.  Learn how to properly plant and establish an apple tree with us.  

The gorgeous weather today is perfect for stepping out into nature! Go plant a tree, explore Edgewood's woodland trail, or enjoy some of the new blooms on the flowering trees across campus. It's also a great time to head over to Edgewood's library to check out a book to enjoy while relaxing under a tree today!
Need more ideas to celebrate? Check out the info from the Arbor Day Foundation!  

Unable to make it today?  Stay tuned for Arbor Day, Round 2 coming soon!

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