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Holiday Door Decorating Competition

Holiday Door Decorating Contest


To go along with our campus decorating this year, we will also be doing a door decorating competition, and President Manion will be doing judging.


Once the community campus decorating is complete, you may start. The deadline will be 10am on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021, and winners will be announced later that day. Yes....there will be prizes!


There will be 3 categories…..

  • Most Tacky
  • Most Traditional
  • Most Edgewood Themed


There are only 2 rules….The ONLY adhesive that can be used is blue painters tape--non-adhesive! Non-marking hanging is allowed, ex: wreath hangers, yarn. Also, NO glitter!!!!!


Please send your department name and door location to Julie Ibinger at for judging. We also will share a list of participating offices on EC Today!


Lastly, each department will be responsible for their own clean up after the holidays.


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