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New Contextual Phishing Banner!

According to the latest statistics, employees receive on average 14 malicious email per day, and a reported 90% of security breaches occur due to email phishing. The fact is, phishing remains a powerful means to effectively harvest user passwords, credit card information, or other types of personally identifiable information.

That's why, beginning today, 5/16, TAC we will be enabling contextual phishing tools to assist in detecting suspicious email. These new contextual tooltips will display above our existing external email banner, and will prominently call out important details about any emails that you receive. These new tools will help to monitor the following:

  • First contact - email received from any new email addresses for the first time
  • Impersonation - email pretending to be from someone trusted, such as a colleague
  • Strange characters - email that is attempting to manipulate the appearance of characters, such as swapping Latin characters for Cyrillic characters

A preview of what the tooltip will look like:

As always, these tools are meant to assist our community in identifying suspicious emails, but the final call should always be made by you. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't!


P.S. - Remember to submit suspicious email for analysis by using the Phish Alert Button!

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