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[(198 - 138) / 138] * 100 = ?

Who doesn't love a little math over Spring Break?!  So, if you do that problem, you come up with 43.5.  That is the percentage of growth the Writing Center has seen this semester, compared to last year at this time.  Put another way...we've already had 198 drop-ins.  That's an impressive number of times students have come into our less than 500 sq. ft. area.  Join me in thanking our incredible Coaches: Rebecca, Alicia, Jaida, Zoee, Michaela, Anna, Lindsey, Marley, Andrew, Claire, Riley, Liz, & Irene

On a not unrelated note, we are hiring for Fall!  Applications are in the Writing Center and on our Sharepoint site.  Deadline to apply is Thursday, March 28 @ Noon.  Encourage students you know to apply for these critical leadership roles that serve so many of our students.

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