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1 in 3 students...

Last year, the Learning Lab and Writing Center saw incredible participation from students across campus and classes.  In fact, 33% of students made use of either the Writing Center or Learning Lab during both the Fall and Spring Semesters (based on undergraduate enrollment each semester).  Looked at another way, the Writing Center had 480 drop-in visits for the year (an average of 18 students per week) and the Learning Lab had 2,270 drop-in visits for the year (an average of 87 students per week).


The Writing Center and Learning Lab employ 35-40 student peer coaches each semester.  And we need your help...both spaces are looking for students who know how to balance, work hard, connect with others, and remain positive.  Whether a student's strengths are in communication, nursing, biology, writing, psychology, business, math, or overall study strategies...they have an opportunity to work on campus in subjects they enjoy.  If you know a student who would be a great fit and is looking for additional practice and challenge in their coursework, encourage them to apply, email Doug Wandersee, or come by to see us in the Library.  


For more info and ways you can support students by supporting Academic Success, visit us HERE!

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