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Safety Alert: Late Winter Surface Conditions

As we experience the frequent freeze/thaw conditions that late winter brings to our Campus, please take a moment to consider some tips to keep safe both here and wherever your daily travels take you:

Proper footwear: During winter conditions, wear substantial footwear such as those with lug soles.  Consider using pull-over ice cleats or other similar devices if you regularly walk where conditions are prone to being slippery.

Watch your step: Take time to watch where you are walking to avoid slipping on a patch of snow or ice.  Being attentive will alert you to potential hazards.  Follow the clearest route to your destination even if it is not the most direct.

“Walk like a penguin:” When walking on slippery surfaces, take shorter steps to maintain better balance, walking slowly and deliberately – just like a penguin.

Report icy conditions: If you see untreated hazardous surfaces on our Campus, contact Facilities Operations during business hours or the Campus Assistance Center during off hours.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility: Do your part to help prevent slip and fall injuries.

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