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Make an impact on incoming freshman: submit a workshop that you would like to present during orientation

I'm looking for presenters who would be interested in leading a workshop for orientation next August. 

We are moving to a conference style schedule for orientation where, rather than having students in large groups attending one specific mandatory session, we are asking students to choose a session that best meets their needs within a particular tag (wellness, academic success, diversity, etc). Students will be expected to attend sessions in the various tags, they will just have an option as to how to fulfill that expectation, much as they are able to take a variety of classes based on their interests and needs to fulfill tags for graduation. We are also limiting the sizes of attendance in these workshops to 20-40 students so that we can incorporate interactive activities to better incorporate best practices in teaching and learning into our orientation format. In order to best meet the diverse needs of our students and to leverage the strengths of the many members of the campus community, we are reaching out to ask for proposals for the workshops that we offer during orientation within those various tags.

For more information, visit the following link

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