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Staff Association Nominations

Hope you are having a great end to the semester! I am reaching out to you today about nominations for staff association. Next academic year we will have a few open positions. Below is a list of positions that are available and the responsibilities that come with each position. Please consider emailing me ( with the nomination of a colleague you think would enjoy serving in one of these roles. Also, if you are interested in serving on staff association, please do not be afraid to reach out to me directly. Thanks for your time and consideration. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Open Positions on the Executive Committee:

Terms are two years, to run from July through June.



Assist the Convener in carrying out official duties. Organize elections for officers and committee members. Coordinate facilities for Staff Association meetings. Advance to the role of Convener after serving one year as Co-Convener.



Call for agenda items and post the monthly meeting agenda. Record minutes of Staff Association proceedings and archive online. Report Staff Handbook changes at each Staff Association meeting.



Manage the budget and financial transactions of the Staff Association. Report on budget status at each Staff Association meeting. Accept requests for Staff Association funds and review those requests with the appropriate committee for Staff Association approval.

Open Positions on Staff Association Committees:

Terms are two years, to run from July through June.  An individual may run for re-election as often as desired.


Community Building Committee  One open position

Plan and carry out activities and events geared toward increasing and strengthening staff morale, and encouraging staff interaction.  Serve as liaison to other College groups for community building events, where appropriate.


Training and Professional Development Committee  One open position

Help to identify needs for professional development among staff. Work with the appropriate offices to provide resources to meet those needs. Serve as liaison to Human Resources or other College groups in planning development activities.

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