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Welcome Back to Campus

Dear Colleagues,


Our mission in Facilities Operations is to strive to provide the best living, learning, and working environment for the Edgewood College community in order to advance the mission of the College within the context of the Sinsinawa Dominican values.  We have been working hard to fulfill our mission on campus while most have been doing the same from home.   As we safely return to campus, there are numerous things we can do to help our community. 


Facilities Operations staff will continue maintaining social distancing from others.  There will be times when we need to enter your workspace and may ask you to temporarily leave to allow us access to care for College space.  In terms of regular cleaning, if someone is in an office Custodial staff will not enter, please leave your trash in the hallway if you are working in your workspace while the area is being cleaned.


Custodial has increased sanitation of high touch point areas on campus, and are regularly evaluating processes to ensure campus safety.


How everyone can help-

  • Help communicate to students when in a class or a meeting that they can help by wiping down table tops and other high touch spaces in the room. 
  • Wipe down high touch areas in your office as frequently as you feel is needed.
  • Wipe down common areas before use, including classrooms, meeting rooms and common areas. 
  • In common areas: lounges, gathering spaces, etc. wipe before use, to protect yourself, and after use, to help protect others.
  • Hold meetings and gatherings virtually when possible to reduce need to sanitizing. 
  • Follow social distancing protocol.
  • Put trash and recycling in proper receptacles.  Trash receptacles in offices may be moved from under desks, and closer to the door to support social distancing. 
  • Demonstrate community, partnership, compassion and patience as we try to create the safest learning, living and working environment we can.


Please contact me directly with questions related to facilities operations. 


Thank you,

Susan VanderSanden and the Facilities Operations Team

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