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2018 Annual Enrollment Period Ends this Wednesday, November 15!
High priority

During our 2018 Annual Enrollment Period eligible employees may revisit and make necessary changes to their current benefit elections.  Under the Affordable Care Act, this period also provides an Open Enrollment opportunity specific to group medical insurance.  This allows you to make changes to, or apply for, medical insurance coverage for the next calendar year. 

If you’ve not had the opportunity to learn about the insurance plans and other options available through the College’s Benefit Plan, please do so through: 

  1. A Brainshark PowerPoint audio presentation – follow this link to this presentation. 
  2. Our 2018 Annual Enrollment Summary Booklet – follow this link to this booklet. 

What are your responsibilities during this Annual Enrollment Period?

  1. If you intend to continue in 2018 the same benefits you have in 2017, there is nothing you need do – these benefit elections will carry forward with one exception If you would like to again participate or enroll to participate in a Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) in 2018 -  Full Purpose Health Care FSA, Limited Purpose Health Care FSA, or Dependent Care FSA – you must enroll online with Employee Benefits Corporation.  The link to the enrollment instructions is included in the Summary Booklet, but is also provided here for your convenience.  
  2. If you would like to make any changes to your current benefits (e.g., enroll/terminate coverage, add/terminate dependents, change coverage options, begin or change your current HSA payroll contribution, etc.), schedule an appointment with Kathy Buechel (x2864/  

Benefit information beyond that provided in the Brainshark and Annual Benefits Booklet is available to you on the Human Resources' Benefits SharePoint site

The paperwork associated with changes you would like to make to your benefit elections beginning January 1, 2018, must be completed no later than Wednesday, November 15, 2017!    

If you have difficulty opening the above links, please change browsers (e.g., if you are using Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome).  If after changing browsers you are still unable to open the links, please contact TAC at x6900. 

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