Hello Edgewood Community:

On Monday, February 17, we will be further improving the security of our Edgewood College wireless network.

What you need to do to connect to the wireless network

Edgewood community members wishing to use the Edgewood network will have to do the following:

  1.   Select the “Edgewood-Internal” wireless network name.
  2.   Enter your Edgewood College username and password.
  3. If a certificate is displayed, please click the “ACCEPT” button (not all devices will display the certificate).
  4. Begin using the network!


What about Edgewood guests?

Guests of Edgewood will be able to access the internet and email through the “Edgewood-Guest” wireless network name.

What if you encounter difficulties connecting?

Please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 608-663-6900.  We will help you get connected.