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Join Me in 35 Thank You's...

Abbey B, Adam J, Alicia P, Alita F, Alysse K, Anabelle V, Andrew L, Anna C, Brooke S, Casey K, Cayliann G, Claire R, Elizabeth B, Ella B, Ella D, Elle R, Emma M, Haylee K, Irene E, Jack S, Jake O, Jami B, Jenna S, Joleeza R, Katelyn M, Kaylee K, Lindsey H, Maggie K, Maria C, Nehal S, Olivia S, Parker F, Rachel E, Rebecca D, and Reid K.  These are the amazing Learning Lab and Writing Center Coaches who helped other students this semester.  The Learning Lab had 145 different students come in 546 times, and the Writing Center had 138 different students come in 374 times!  Thank you all for your kindness, compassion, and incredible impact on our community.  I am also so proud of our graduates: Alita, Elle, Haylee, Jake, Jami, Katelyn, Kaylee, Maria, and Rachel.  Well done.

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