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IT Service Notice - CATV - 1/3/18
Announcing Digital TV Service
Apogee and Edgewood College have partnered to bring you digital TV service. Digital TV service provides a better picture quality and additional HD programming. The service will be active when you return for the 2018 spring semester!
To facilitate the conversion, Campus Cable TV service will be unavailable on Wednesday January 3rd, 2018.

How do I receive the new service?
  1. Verify that your TV has the proper QAM tuner (internal or external). Without a QAM tuner you will not receive TV service.  (All Edgewood College owned TV's have this)
    • First check to see if the TV has an internal tuner by searching the specifications section of your TV manual. If you no longer have your TV manual, locate the make and model of the TV and lookup the specs online.
    • If your TV does not have an internal QAM tuner, an external QAM tuner will need to be purchased to receive channels.
  2. Ensure that all cables are connected securely.
  3. In the menu or set-up options on the TV, verify that the TV is set to CABLE or CATV.
  4. Run a channel scan. This setting is normally located in the menu or set-up option however it varies depending on the TV make and model.
    1. Note: Even if you have done this step before, you will need to re-run the channel scan to pickup the new channels.

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