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Finding Connection During COVID-19

Connect 6: Finding Connection during COVID-19

Personal Counseling Services (PCS) is looking for six students to participate in a virtual support group focused on themes such as loneliness, mental health, stress management, and strategies for taking care of yourself during the pandemic.  In order to be eligible to participate, students must:

  • Have or be willing to reserve a private space for group sessions*
  • Be able to access WebEx and use both the camera and microphone features*
  • Commit to attending weekly throughout the fall 2020 semester and agree to let the group know if/when they need to miss a session.

If you’d like to participate, please call PCS at 608-663-4148 to schedule a “pre-group meeting” with a counselor. This will be a time for you to learn more about what to expect, ask questions, and review group rules and expectations, such as those related to confidentiality. *Note that if you are having trouble finding a private location, or you do not have access to technology, please still reach out – PCS can help!

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