Dear Colleagues,


I hope this note finds you well and enjoying a great summer!  We have been busy with a number of projects, and this communication is intended to provide you with an update.


·         Weber Hall has received a much needed update.  Summer residents stayed in Sienna, which gave us the opportunity to spend the entire summer working on an interior remodel.  Weber received new carpet, paint, countertops, furniture and other upgrades to enhance the resident experience.  Work is complete, and our Custodial team is in the space readying it for move in.

·         DeRicci Single Stall Restroom Remodel.  This restroom has access from the hallway and was remodeled.   It is accessible as well.

·         Veteran’s Office Improvements.  The Veteran’s office was remodeled and is now accessible from the Veteran’s gathering area.  Various upgrades have taken place in both areas, including noise deadening walls and a dropped ceiling. 

·         Dominican Hall.  They Psychology Research Center will be located on the ground floor of Dominican Hall.  The Wellness Center, which is both Personal Counseling and Health Services will also be moving to the ground floor of Dominican.  Renovations to this space took place throughout the summer.  These areas will be in their new locations and ready to open at the beginning of Fall Semester 2017. 

·         Dominican Eddy’s C-Store.  The C-Store has some new features, including new displays and a wide range of new product offerings.

·         Library Single Stall Restroom Remodel.  This restroom is located on the first floor of the Library near the East end entrance.  A door was removed to allow easier access and it was remodeled.

·         Stevie Hall 1st Floor HVAC Improvements.  Stevie Hall HVAC improvements will improve air flow and replace aged equipment.  This work is occurring this week, and the hall will be ready for move-in. 

·         Edgedome Improvements.  There are numerous projects in the Edgedome ranging from equipment removal and abatement to flooring and painting upgrades.  Upper level bathrooms were remodeled, and the mezzanine floor is polished concrete. 

·         Stream HVAC Modifications.  There will be modifications to the Stream exhaust system.  Most of this work took place the week of July 24th and required the HVAC to be shut down entirely. 

·         Regina R5 Improvements.  The flooring in Regina R5 is now polished concrete. 

·         Parking Ramp Repairs.  This work was routine maintenance for the parking ramp and has been a summer long project.  Repairing expansion joints, caulking and tuck pointing, as well as other routine maintenance work occurred, and the ramp will be fully open for August Seminar.  Additional tuck pointing and other exterior work will take place through Labor Day, but will not impact use of the ramp. 

·         Boardwalk Repairs.  The Boardwalk had several sections closed due to structural damage.  These areas were closed from early spring to mid-summer.  We worked with Daniels’ Construction on a plan to raise submerged sections and make some structural repairs.  This work is completed, and the full boardwalk is now open.  We hope these repairs provide some longevity to the Boardwalk, however, a longer term plan is in place to develop an approach for replacement.  

·         Campus Wide Roadway / Parking Lot / Sidewalk Repairs.  Crack-filling, sealcoating, striping and sidewalk grinding took place on many of the campus roadways and sidewalks.

·         Landscape Improvements.  The area between the Campus School and Regina East has enhanced drainage and a beautiful new garden with several new plant species.  Other smaller landscape projects also took place campus wide.

·         Building Power Washing, Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning.  These projects will take place throughout the summer.    

·         Light Pole Replacements.  Existing light poles have reached their anticipated lifecycle, and a most of them were replaced this summer. 


In addition to these projects, there will be some relocations as well as some new faces on campus.


·         Personal Counseling and Health Services will be moving to the Dominican space on August 10th. 

·         Academic Success & Career Development Center will be located in DeRicci 206.  The staff that are currently located in Lower Level Regina will move back into DeRicci 206 around mid-August.

·         Wisconsin Campus Compact will be using space that will be vacated by Health Services.  “Campus Compact advances the public purpose of colleges and universities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility.”  Please give a warm welcome to Gavin and Lynne!   Co

life ad to educate students for civic and social responsibility.

Thank you, and please contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these projects in further detail.


Susan VanderSanden

Director of Facilities Operations