As part of a normally scheduled upgrade we will be migrating the printers that you use to a new server. The queue names for all the printers will remain the same but they will be on a different server so there should be very limited downtime during this migration.


What does this mean for you?

For a short period of time you may see two printer queues with the same or very similar name. If you do not see the new queue(s) please restart your computer before calling the Technology Assistance for support.


When is this change happening?

We will be doing this change in two stages:

Tuesday (08/08/17) for all Sharp printers/copiers

Thursday and Friday (08/10/17 – 08/11/17) for all Lexmark printers/copiers.


The only difference between the printer queue names will be the server name of PRT135 instead of the old name of PRT134. If you do not see your printer(s) “on PRT135” please restart your machine before contacting the Technology Assistance Center.


Technology Assistance Center