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Transitional Temperature Time

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Over the next couple weeks, we typically experience extreme fluctuations in temperatures which makes it difficult to know when the best time is to turn off the building heating systems.  As part of Edgewood College’s commitment to sustainability and energy savings, and to further promote the College as a leader in sustainable campuses, we have approved an Energy Set-Point policy for the campus.  The Set-Point Policy is copied below for your review or you can access the Facilities Operation Department SharePoint site.

We also ask you to dress appropriately for the season and encourage you to dress in layers during this transitional time.  If the temperature in your area is above the recommended set point, please let us know by calling the Facilities Operations Office at extension 2255 or submitting a work request through AkitaBox.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to make you as comfortable as we can during this time. 


Edgewood College Facilities & Operations Department

Temperature Set-Point Policy

· Heating Season - As a rule, the heating season is from mid-October through May

1. During normal hours of operation, interior temperatures are maintained at 65-

70 degrees depending on the building HVAC system.

· Air Conditioning Season - During the air conditioning season, from mid-May to

mid September, cooling is provided to maintain interior temperatures from 74-78

degrees during normal hours of operation depending on the building HVAC


· Transitional Seasons - Heating and cooling systems are complex and vary

between buildings. These systems cannot be adjusted to accommodate rapidly

changing outside temperatures. During the transitional seasons, building

occupants may experience some discomfort. Please be patient as heating and

cooling systems are adjusted during these periods.

· When the College is closed- During all official holidays including Christmas and

Thanksgiving breaks, the temperature set points will be 60 degrees during the

heating season and 80 degrees for the cooling season.

· Space Heaters- Space heaters are dangerous, extremely wasteful of energy and

interfere with building control systems. Offices and departments should not

purchase space heaters. If building occupants feel that temperatures are below 65

degrees during the heating season, Facilities & Operations should be contacted.

Unauthorized space heaters will be removed.

· Ventilation Systems - Heating and Cooling is distributed throughout the buildings

when air is forced through the ventilation system. All ventilation systems have

fresh-air intakes which have been set to conserve energy and optimize comfort.

· Indoor air quality - Please report concerns about air quality, fumes or unusual

odors to either the Facilities & Operations Department, the Director of

Environmental Health and Safety or Security.

· Dress for comfort and plan for the conditions in your work environment.



Mandy Gallo

Edgewood College | Facilities Operations Specialist


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