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Feeling sheep-ish about trying Bible Study?

Join in this Tuesday’s discussion and exploration of Jesus the Good Shepherd.  Leader Rachel invites you to explore with the group how you think of Jesus as a shepherd, how you experience or seek to experience the abundant life in God’s care, and why humanity might be likened to the sheep of the story.

If you are feeling sheep-ish, please know that this feeling has certainly been expressed by others in the room.  Participants have shared:
I've never been to a Bible Study before... (Check one out! What a great way to see if it holds meaning for you)
I'm not sure I know how to interpret scripture...(With guided questions, your thoughts and experiences are all we 'expertise' needed)
My religious identity may not be the same as others...(Students of all spiritual backgrounds are welcome.  Our student leaders come from different traditions as well)


Hope to see you at 7:00 pm in DeRicci 222C.

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