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New Resources for Survivors of Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

The following services are now available for survivors of domestic or relationship violence, sexual assault, or stalking:


Taxi Vouchers

Union Cab taxi vouchers are available for students who would like to receive support from Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS), UNIDOS of Wisconsin, the off-campus location of the Rape Crisis Center (RCC), or similar organizations but do not have transportation. Vouchers can be requested from any of the following individuals, no questions asked:

Julie Ibinger, Wellness Center Office Coordinator

Dominican 122         

Nancy Sawyer, Student Development Project Coordinator

Predolin 215             

Mary Klink, Associate Vice President for Dominican Life & Mission

                Predolin 222             

Holland McCrea Olson, Assistant Director for Student Success and Orientation

Predolin 236             

Nikki Charlestin, Coordinator for Student Engagement & Leadership

                Regina 118                


Housing Assistance

Financial assistance is available for students who need to relocate or make accommodations to their current residence (e.g., re-keying locks, improving outdoor lighting, moving expenses) as a result of relationship violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Housing assistance of up to $300 can be requested from the following individuals:

Megan Cobb-Sheehan, Director of Personal Counseling Services

                Dominican 122         

Matthew Sullivan, Assistant Dean of Students

                Predolin 215             


Campus Advocate from the Rape Crisis Center

Annie Bruns, Edgewood’s Campus Advocate from the Rape Crisis Center, provides individual advocacy and emotional support to students, faculty, and staff who have impacted by sexual violence. Annie is available in the Wellness Center (Dominican 122) on Tuesdays and Fridays. Appointments can be made by calling the RCC Help Line at 608-251-7273, or by emailing


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